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Janne Riionheimo entered the world of music production by making demo recordings for local bands in the late 90's. He worked with a modest setup of a hard drive workstation with four microphones in an acoustically untreated rehearsing space.

His serious pursue of an engineering career started when he met Mikko Raita in 2000 at the Sibelius Academy, while studying music technology as a minor to his primary studies of acoustics in Helsinki University of Technology. During long night shifts in the studio, the idea of a recording studio of their own was born. Finally, Studio Kekkonen was founded and built in its original location in 2002.

During 2002–2006 Janne worked with bands and artists like Sadetanssi, Pelle Miljoona, Eläkeläiset and Crumbland. He also practiced his sound engineering skills in the legendary studio Munkka and worked as a sound designer for commercials, TV-series and short movies.

After finishing his Master's thesis Janne Riionheimo dived deep into the world of recording studio design. When the construction of the present Studio Kekkonen premises began in 2005, Janne had already accomplished a few very successful studio designs. However, now it was time to get down to bedrock.

He used a method of designing, constructing, measuring, listening, deconstructing, re-designing, reconstructing etc. when perfecting the room acoustics of the studio. The method was painstaking but that experience has turned out to be extremely valuable later on his recording studio designing and contracting projects.

Since then Janne has been involved in more than 50 recording studio projects as an acoustic consultant, designer, construction contractor and supervisor. His thirst for knowledge is driving him forward to face new challenges. These days he is also working as an acoustic consultant in Akukon Ltd – the biggest acoustic consulting company in Finland and one of the most respected ones in the northern Europe.

While not working as an acoustician he writes songs for and tours with his band Vesterinen Yhtyeineen. He has also produced, recorded and mixed their albums – of course at Studio Kekkonen.

Selected musical discography:

Vesterinen Yhtyeineen
Pelle Miljoona

Acoustical references: