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Mikko Raita (born 1979) first set foot in a real music studio in music high school, while he still thought he would aspire to be a great professional guitar player. However, life behind the glass soon proved to be far more interesting and he set out to be the best recording and mixing engineer he ever could instead. He started work on an endless stream of demo productions and studio experiments. During these early years he also met one Julius Mauranen who was aspiring to become an engineer as well.

After high school, Mikko started studies at the brand new Sibelius Academy Music Technology deparment in 1999, where he was met by an exciting community of like-minded young engineers-to-be (like Janne Riionheimo), as well as generous time at the facultys modern Pro Tools studios. In 2001 Mikko was offered a real engineering gig by stoner rockers Mannhai to work on their debut The Sons of Yesterday’s Black Grouse for Spinefarm records.

His career soon jumpstarted with several notable records for major labels, including Olavi Uusivirta’s debut Nuoruustango And Killer’s Sure You Know How To Drive This Thing? (including pan-scandinavian 2003 hit Naughty Boy). He also worked on successful releases like renowned singer-songwriter Hector’s artistic comeback album Ei selityksiä as well as the single Seemann for Apocalyptica and Nina Hagen. Around this time Mikko and Janne set up shop at the original Studio Kekkonen locale (To be later joined by Julius) and used it for demo work and overdubs, but Mikko also used other rooms for tracking and mixing major releases before the current Kekkonen was built.

In a few years, Mikko had become a frequent name on major Finnish releases as an engineer, mixer and producer/co-producer. In 2008 he received the closest thing Finland has to an engineering Grammy, the Pappa-Pysti (named in honour of the legendary film sound and record making legend Paul Jyrälä) in 2008. He has also branched out to sound for TV and film and in 2016 he mixed the full orchestral music score for the hit feature film Kanelia Kainaloon, Tatu ja Patu, simultaneously upgrading his monitoring setup permanently for surround projects.

Some other notable projects include Sunrise Avenue’s 2006 smash debut On The Way To Wonderland and work with multi- talented singer/pianist/producer Tuomo on several projects, including his solo debut My Thing in 2007, as well as work with famed rocker Ismo Alanko on the albums Blanco Spirituals and Onnellisuus. In 2009, Mikko also mixed Fly Away: The Songs Of David Foster by the brilliant arranger-producer Tomi Malm, featuring a diverse international cast of renowned singers and musicians and even piano by Foster himself. Mikko has also worked with some of the best from the new generation of scandinavian jazz and folk musicians, including multiple albums for trumpeter/composer great Verneri Pohjola and fiddle magicians Frigg. He is no stranger to heavier styles either, and has worked on tracks for the likes of Stratovarius, as well as mixing the Helsinki Eurovision Song Contest 2007 half-time medley by Apocalyptica for millions of viewers in 5.1 surround.

Mikko continues to work as a first-call studio professional, always bringing along his enthusiasm for great music and sound as well as his unrivalled attention to detail to every project. He is also an educator, teaching sound for games and picture as well as music recording at AV-Stadi (the Helsinki Vocational College). He also teaches a yearly music recording class for sound design students at the Helsinki University of the Arts.

Selected Discography:

Aki Rissanen Trio: Amorandom
Frigg: Polka V, Timeline
Hector: Ei selityksiä
Ismo Alanko Teholla: Blanco Spirituals, Onnellisuus
Kanelia Kainaloon, Tatu ja Patu (feature film)
Mimmit: Hats, Hats Harakkainen, Mimmien Muskari (TV-series)
My First Band: Mercury & Glitter
Oddarrang: In Cinema, Cathedral
Olavi Uusivirta: Me ei kuolla koskaan, Nuoruustango
Saara Aalto: You Had My Heart, Ai De Zhu Fu
Sunrise Avenue: On The Way To Wonderland
Various Artists: Fly Away: The Songs Of David Foster
Verneri Pohjola: Bullhorn, Aurora, Ancient History
Von Hertzen Brothers: Flowers and Rust (Single)

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Full Discography (PDF)