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Mikko Raita (born 1979) started mixing, recording and producing music professionally in the early 00's, soon becoming in demand among Finland's A-list artists and top record labels, working in a wide range of musical styles with now close to three hundred music projects under his belt.

Mikko has also worked on film and TV music from the start of his career, in recent years focusing more and more on that with a steady stream of feature film and high caliber TV projects, released both locally and internationally. In 2018 he pioneered music mixing in Finland for Dolby's immersive Atmos format, upgrading his control room to accomodate that. He also continues to work in the music business, especially sought after for his skills in capturing acoustical jazz and world music ensembles with larger than life results, and combining these with electroacoustic soundscapes.

He has studied music technology at Sibelius Academy, part of the University of the Arts Helsinki. These days he is also an educator himself, having lectured about score work and Dolby Atmos for film sound students at Aalto University as well as lecturing a yearly music production course for sound design students at the University of the Arts Helsinki. He also teaches sound for games and picture as well as music technology at the Helsinki Vocational College.

In 2008, Mikko was awarded the closest thing Finland has to an engineering Grammy for his music work, the Pappa-Pysti - named in honour of the late film sound and record making legend Paul "Pappa" Jyrälä. Many of his music projects have been awarded IFPI Finland's Grammy equivalent Emma Award, as well as being nominated for the Finnish Composers' Copyright Society's coveted Teosto Award. His film score projects have been nominated for the Oscar equivalent Jussi Award, and in 2020 Panu Aaltio's score for the nature documentary Luontosinfonia (The Nature Symphony) was nominated for the HARPA Nordic Film Composers Award, mixed and recorded by Mikko for Dolby Atmos. The 2018 HARPA nominee Tatu and Patu by Juri & Miska Seppä was also mixed by Mikko.

Mikko continues to work as a first-call music and film sound professional, always bringing along his enthusiasm for great music, exceptional sound and telling stories as well as his unrivalled attention to detail to every project.

Selected film score works and composers:

Luontosinfonia - The Nature Symphony (Panu Aaltio)
Ilosia aikoja, Mielensäpahoittaja (Juri Seppä, Miska Seppä)
Helene (Kirka Sainio)
Ivalo - Arctic Circle (Vladislav Delay)
The Pagan King (Rihards Zalupe)
Orkesterin edessä - Conductivity (Salla Luhtala)
A Reindeer’s Journey (Julien Jaouen, Panu Aaltio)
Kanelia kainaloon, Tatu ja Patu! (Juri Seppä, Miska Seppä)

Selected Discography:

Aki Rissanen Trio: Art in Motion, Another North, Amorandom
Apocalyptica: Seemann (feat. Nina Hagen)
Frigg: Polka V, Timeline
Hector: Ei selityksiä
Ismo Alanko Teholla: Blanco Spirituals, Onnellisuus
Oddarrang: In Cinema, Cathedral
Olavi Uusivirta: Me ei kuolla koskaan, Nuoruustango
Robin: Yhdessä
Saara Aalto: You Had My Heart, Ai De Zhu Fu
Sunrise Avenue: On The Way To Wonderland
Tomi Malm: Walkin’ on Air, Fly Away: The Songs Of David Foster
Verneri Pohjola: Animal Image, Pekka, Bullhorn, Ancient History, Aurora
Von Hertzen Brothers: Flowers and Rust

Full Discography and sound for picture works (PDF)

Mikko Raita IMDB (link)