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Control Room 1 is Mikko Raita’s professional home. It is built around a 24-fader D-Command ES control surface and a Pro Tools HDX2 system, with Dolby Atmos -premix / Atmos Home capable 7.1.2 Dynaudio and stereo Yamaha monitoring as well as a Neve-style Vintagedesign rackmount summing amplifier, high end analog gear like an EMT 140 plate reverb as well as a Knif Vari-mu compressor, Joiku tube spring reverb and V804 tube preamp. Recently, a large FullHD TV was added on top of the Center speaker for sound for picture work.

The setup is optimized for cutting edge mixing work with special emphasis on undisrupted creativity and a comfortable vibe, equally well suited for stereo and multichannel music work and sound for picture. The equipment and software is well suited for achieving an ”analog desk-like” classic sound but combined with the precision and enhanced workflow of a modern digital audio workstation room.

It is also a very comfortable overdub room with a nice big window to our live room and a very relaxed vibe for performing. Obviously, a lot of critical lead vocal work is being done here with the help of our lovely Neumann mics! Oh, and there are big windows for daylight as well.

There’s also an adjoining acoustically treated client space with a comfortable napping couch, and an office desk/ web computer setup, as well as tie lines for those last minute recordings and for use as an iso booth in larger recording sessions. And a very funky upright piano.

Key Gear:

Avid ICON D-Command ES
Avid Pro Tools HDX2
AVID HD I/O and Apogee AD/DA16X converters
Apple Mac Pro 12-core computer
Vintagedesign SU-1 Neve-style summing amp/mixer
FullHD TV, 1440p and 1080p monitors
Logitech keyboard and Mice

Dynaudio 7.1.2 monitoring with 7x BM15A, BM14S II sub and BM6 overheads, with additional "Screen Wide" object speakers
Yamaha NS-10M Studio pair
Avantone Mixcube
Logitech desk speaker pair
AKG K-240 Studio headphones

Knif V804  2-channel preamp
GAP Pre-73 DLX preamp (2)
FMR Audio RNP 2-channel preamp
RME Octamic II 8-channel preamp

Knif Vari-Mu tube compressor (SN 002)
UA LA610 tube preamp/compressor

EMT 140 Plate reverb
Knif Joiku tube spring reverb

A massive plug-in selection from brands like Soundtoys, Softube, Slate, Massey, Sound Radix, Exponential Audio, Fabfilter, HOFA, Izotope, Native Instruments, Antares and Waves.

USB MIDI keyboard, weighted keys available on request
Sonuus G2M USB pitch-to-midi converter
Otari MTR-10 ¼” tape machine (under maintenance)
Lava lamps (on request)